Our Mission

Our commitment in researching and developing innovative car detailing products to enhance and protect priced assets of customers - restoring them to showroom conditions and putting that 'collection day' smile back on their faces
Go to Quality


Committing to research and development of high quality products to protect against harsh conditions, keeping the paintwork mint at all times

Go to Reliability


Ensuring products are made to last and delivers our promises without fail, through intensive and accelerated lab testing

Go to Diversity


Catering to different needs arising from various environmental conditions and budgets

Go to Consistency


Delivering consistent results as promised throughout our range of products

CS-II and Nano-1

Understanding the market segmentization and providing the best possible protection to car owners. No budget is too small for a world-class coating

Both CS-II and Nano-1 brandings were owned by Mr. Chang How, who has over 10 years of experience working on the development of quartz-based coating products and application of coatings. The products are manufactured and branded differently to address to the needs of the market with CS-II being the main driver for its premium range while Nano-1 adopts a follower approach. This approach facilitates the segmentization of the market to suit the budgets and needs of different consumer groups. Consumers are given a much wider choice of selection to choose from, with competitive price ranges based on the level of protection they are looking for. We endeavour to provide the best solution possible to all car owners with different budget.